How to take Ambien?

It recommended that you take Ambien as it is prescribed by your doctor to you. Be careful and do not take in larger amounts or more often than needed. Always follow the directions.

Ambien is a serious medication that is why it comes with special instructions; you should firstly read the given instruction and only then take the medication.

Use Ambien only then, when you have full 7-8 hours of sleep, if you have less, you may be feeling very sleeping and will not be fully concentrated.

Take Ambien by mouth with a full glass of water. Remember that Ambien is only for short-term use. If you feel that Ambien does not brings any effects, tell your healthcare provider, maybe you will need to have you dose adjusted. It is recommended that you do not take the medication for longer than 4 or 5 weeks without your healthcare providers’ advice.

Do not stop taking the drug suddenly after using it for a longer term, your system may be addicted to it. You will need to lower your dose and slowly stop using Ambien, only in that way you will avoid problems with health.

Do not take Ambien when pregnant, if you have sleep disorders and need some help, do not run and take Ambien. Consult with your healthcare provider about this. Taking Ambien while pregnant may only increase the possibility of side effects and harm your unborn child.

Do not crunch or crush the drug in any way, it meant that you swallow it whole and the medication will flow in to your body as it needs. If you crush the drug, a bigger amount of medications will release at the same time it will only way the treatment worse instead of better.

What to Avoid?

As you probably know, that Ambien may cause side effects. Side effects that are caused by Ambien may impair your reactions or thinking, you may also feel sleepy on the next day after taking Ambien.

Be careful the next day if you drive or do anything else that requires your full concentration. After taking Ambien, the next day you may feel exhausted.

Avoid taking Ambien if you travel, like if you fly on an airplane. If you take the drug and fall asleep, you may be awaken before Ambien stops its effects.

Avoid drinking alcohol while taking Ambien, you will only make the things worse and increase the possibility of serious side effects.

Avoid taking other drugs that may interact with Ambien.



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