Precautions and warnings

Some precautions and warnings to be aware of with Ambien without prescription include:

• Ambien has a list of medications with which he may interact, ask your healthcare provider for a detailed list of Ambien drug interactions.
• Do not drink alcohol while taking Ambien, drinking alcohol may only increase the possibility of serious side effects.
• Ambien is considered to be pregnancy category C, which is why it is not recommended that you take Ambien when pregnant; it may harm your unborn baby.
• For elderly people, it is recommended to take lower doses, because they are more sensitive to the drug.
• If you know that you wont have full 7-8 hours of sleep, do not take Ambien to avoid other consequences.
• If you are taking Ambien, do not do anything the next morning that requires your full alertness.
• It is possible that you may experience withdrawal symptoms, consult with your healthcare provider about this.
• Ambien may be addicting, that is why you should be careful and do not take more than prescribed.

What Should I Tell My Healthcare Provider?

Before starting to take Ambien, you should tell your healthcare provider if you have:

• Sleep apnea or other type of respiratory disease;
• Liver disease or liver failure;
• Kidney disease or kidney failure;
• Depression;
• Any sort of addiction;
• Any allergies to medicines.

Also, do not forget to mention if you:

• Are pregnant
• Are breastfeeding
• Drink alcohol.

Remember to mention about every drug that you are using at moment.


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